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Auditory Integration Training - Digital Auditory Aerobics Success Stories

Results from AIT/DAA typically reported in children include improvements in socialization skills, expressive language, sleeping, and academic performance, and a reduction in the need for medication. Correspondingly, adults report decreased tension levels, reduced depression, and increased ability to focus and concentrate.

Success Story I

One of the most immediate improvements I noticed in Sophie, which occurred during her AIT sessions, was a desire to join in on conversation. She was no longer reluctant to talk on the phone! This was an immediate benefit to her father and sibling who live away from the home, as she had no desire to take or make phone calls to them in the past. Whereas I had believed she was not paying attention to the conversation around her in the past, she was now contributing and in an appropriate fashion. When I asked her about this, she responded, "I can understand you now". The second most immediate improvement was in her speech. Sophie had difficulties with pronunciation of words and a marked lisp. While she still has some struggles in this area, her pronunciation dramatically improved and her lisp is faint.

Upon finishing AIT and over the last six months, family and friends have also noticed great improvement in Sophie's social skills. Being the youngest of five kids, Sophie is frequently the subject of teasing, as older siblings like to do. In the past, I was frequently playing mediator as Sophie would take things out of context and have a meltdown about even the slightest jokes at her expense. What a surprise one recent night at the dinner table when seeing her not only laugh at her sister's teasing but also coming up with a witty retort on her own! There were high-fives all around the table and she was pretty happy with herself that night.

The most promising of all of Sophie's improvements have been with regard to her schooling. Her reading comprehension has skyrocketed and reading aloud is no longer a problem for her. Instead of reading books to her, she is now reading them to me and to her dolls. With the new common core curriculum, Sophie is seeing a lot more word problems in Math. Word problems were always problematic in the past with me reading the problem aloud to her and Sophie responding with "I don't understand" or "Read it again" or just not paying attention at all and giving me a tenuous answer. This is virtually a thing of the past. Sophie hated going to school and every night was a struggle at bedtime and every morning was a fight to get out the door. She now seems less restless in the evenings and is able to go to bed at an appropriate time. She is also excited to go to school! Her teacher remarked at her first parent-teacher conference that she appreciates having Sophie in her class because she is so helpful and volunteers to help in the classroom and that she follows directions. It was difficult in the past to know whether Sophie was not following directions on purpose or if she didn't hear me. I found myself repeating instructions multiple times and eventually becoming so exasperated that I would give in or give up. Sophie is now very eager to be a helper and having her repeat the instructions to me has been a big plus!

While Sophie's response to AIT may be unique to her, I can honestly say that AIT has greatly impacted and markedly improved her life socially, emotionally and academically. I highly recommend AIT if you are considering it for yourself or your child. Even though he had to work with a difficult timeframe and navigate child visitation schedules, Seth was attentive and professional. Seth is very passionate and very knowledgeable about his work and I am very grateful that my daughter was able to benefit from his training. As she continues to progress, I can hardly wait to see how Sophie's AIT story unfolds!

Alissa P

Sophie's Success Story Update

I wanted to tell you that Sophie got Student of the Trimester last Friday for 5th Grade. It's truly incredible how far she's come. I feel like she never had a chance before receiving AIT. It's exceeded my expectations and she had benefited immeasurably.

Thank you Seth.


Success Story II

Garrett's two weeks of AIT with Seth Torbert began on July 26, 2010. Here are some of the immediate benefits I have noticed as a result:

The first immediate benefit was that Garrett appeared more focused on conversations around him. He didn't seem to be in his own little world as much. He was attending to the conversations of others around him.

Then, Garrett's sequencing of an event improved. The following conversation took place on August 3 as we were discussing how much our family dog, a toy poodle, was going to miss Seth, because Seth was spending a lot of time petting Shadow during therapy:

"Shadow just wants Seth to be here," Garrett said.


"Cause Seth pets him."

"Shadow will miss Seth when he's not coming here anymore. We'll have to have Seth come over just to visit."

"Shadow likes it when people pet him. But he doesn't like everyone."

"Yeah, buddy, he pretty much does. He can't always tell when people are good people or bad people."

"Like "

"Wow. What do you mean?"

Well, she's nice on the outside. Like Lotso [from "Toy Story 3"]. He smells like strawberries and is all nice and huggy on the outside. But he's a monster on the inside. She's like that."

Unfortunately, Garrett refuses to independently report this person's abuse of him to teachers and therapists, because, he says, he is too embarrassed. However, he can articulate his embarrassment to me, whereas before, he would not have been able to explain why he couldn't tell.

On August 4, in the car, I told my husband that he shouldn't give our dog his wet dog food because I'd already given the dog some eggs, and Garrett chimed in, "Yeah, and we already fed him his regular dog food, too." This is huge. Garrett followed the adult conversation from the backseat and added his part (that he helped feed the dog, one of his chores), on his own. Before AIT, Garrett would have been in his own little world in the backseat, not listening to us (or listening, but not attending). He might have even been making rude noises instead of joining in the conversation.

As of August 6, Garrett can now follow three- and four-part simple instructions, whereas before he could only regularly follow two-part instructions. In addition, he can be sent on a helpful errand; i.e., "Go find Nana's cellphone" and successfully complete the errand without becoming sidetracked.

I recently asked him to put the dog in my bedroom before company came to visit, and he responded, "Command received." When the doorbell rang a minute later, he picked the dog up and put him on my bed, then shut the door so the dog couldn't get out! Before AIT, Garrett would have ignored me, and the dog would have run out the door and down the street or bothered the visitors (with love, of course!).

I have also noticed a huge increase in an interest in all forms of music the past two weeks. Garrett has been playing with the piano, electronic keyboard, harmonica, recorder, and all his little play percussion instruments a lot more than usual and has been singing more, as well. He has been turning on the radio in his room more, as well. I will be looking into getting piano lessons for him soon.

I expect Garrett's articulation and comprehension to improve over the weeks and months to come and highly recommend AIT to anyone struggling with auditory processing disorder.

Sue M

Success Story III

September 13, 2010

Well Ethan is done with his AIT treatment, and is doing AWESOME! What a difference!

We just kept increasing his ADHD meds with no improvement, without even realizing he had CAPD.

He is doing so much better now! The picture I attached are all of his audiograms showing his progress. I am soooo glad we did this - Thank you so much Seth.

Tammie R

Success Story IV

Report for Maurice [severely autistic], 11-7-11

After Auditory Integration Training, the following changes were observed:


  • Better Pronunciation/Articulation (also noted by his school teacher
  • Responds better to requests
  • Was able to verbalize in a specific moment of frustration
  • Hyperactivity decreased by approximately 50%
  • Stimming behaviors also decreased by approximagely 60%
  • More attempts at talking (has little conversations with himself, although we can't always understand all the words)
  • Gets a full night's rest most of the time (at least 6 hours)
  • Displayed more interest in people at home


  • There is a long meltdown almost daily. We attribute this to more awareness brought by this therapy, and the fact that he is entering his teen years
  • Still some aggressiveness, although it has started to subside (That's really Good News)

Other Observations:

  • For the past 2 weeks, he has been repeating words, reversing the syllables. For example, he would say "monkey" and then say "key-mon." It does seem like there is a rewiring of the brain going on. (Question, has this happened with other children?)
  • Overall, he has been much calmer than before AIT
  • However, I observed that he was even calmer during the course of treatment

Marina K

  • PS
  • Last week at the park, he pointed at the pond and said, correctly, "Geese; Ducks."
  • He had never used these words like this before.

Success Story V

Logan's Positive Results from AIT

I would absolutely agree.

Logan has shown great improvement since his treatment. He was so used to not hearing and flying under the "expectation radar" that we are now working on building better habits to get him back on track. He's more engaged [after AIT], and when his brain gets moving too fast, he is doing better at self-correcting.

Thank Seth! Your work is definitely making a difference!

Theresa D

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